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Journey Centre Christchurch

Journey Centre Christchurch at a Glance

Journey Centre is an association of spirituality centres, whose main goal is to create space for people to encounter the Holy. These spaces are based on contemplative spirituality, engaging a holistic approach to the spiritual needs around us.
JCC aims to be a safe, welcoming and helpful place for all who are spiritually thirsty, no matter what path they have chosen or where they are in their journey. We offer resources (online and in person), events, gatherings and opportunities that are both Christ-centered and respectful of all spiritual pathways.
In Christchurch, we are a small team, endeavouring to follow God’s lead in establishing ourselves as Journey Centre, creating spaces and opportunities for people to encounter the Holy. 
This will take on many forms, and we are pleased to start with workshops, retreats and pilgrimages. 


The Christchurch Team

Journey Centre was started ten years ago in Santa Rosa, CA. by Joanna Quintrell and her team.


Aluminé Andrew met Joanna four years ago and has been the driving force in establishing Journey Centre Christchurch. She continues on her own journey of teaching and leading retreats, contemplative prayer practices and encouraging people to experiment with all expressions of prayer. Alumine is a trained Spiritual Director. 

Jo van den Bogaert is a longtime participant of the contemplative way and has joined the team after experiencing a retreat in Santa Rosa in 2019. Her desire is to hold space for people to deepen their experience of God. Jo is a trained  Spiritual Director. 


We hope to bring you more workshops, retreats and pilgrimages. If you are interested in Journey Centre email us and keep an eye on our Facebook Page. Additionally, check out Journey Centre for more information about them. If you have any questions or enquiries, feel free to email Aluminé.


What We Do

Provide Resources
Encourage people to explore contemplative practices
Run workshops and retreats
Provide Spiritual Direction

Contact Journey Centre Christchurch


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